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Greg Carpenter
Greg Carpenter

6.If Tomorrow Never Comes

This is the first country love song released by Brooks. A man lies awake at night, thinking what would happen in his love's mind if he were to die the next day. The first line in the chorus reads: "If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I love her?" He goes on to compare this situation with his own lost loved ones, and how he made a promise to say each day how much she means to him. The song begins with a soft guitar solo and gradually builds up to a more orchestrated accompaniment. Brooks has written many love songs since. This song is about the love of a father to his daughter, not to his lover. Garth said that on stage at Belmont University to Britt Todd and in his music video he has his daughter playing next to him while he sings.

6.If Tomorrow Never Comes

They have managed the economy, based on a presumption that tomorrow would never actually come. A belief that the ' day of reckoning ' would never come and that they could continue ' kicking the can down the road ' without having to deal with any repercussions.

I started out by referencing the song " If tomorrow never comes " to describe the philosophy operated by the central bankers & the politicians that they enabled and I will finish by moving from Garth Brooks to Bryan Ferry and his 1977 hit " This is Tomorrow Calling " 041b061a72


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