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Greg Carpenter

Media Buying Agencies Los Angeles _HOT_

We research your business and industry to identify the places, times, and mediums to deliver relevant ads. We understand that not every business will thrive on the same social media channels, so we determine which ones are most essential for the success of your business. Through our process of digital media buying, we are able to increase conversion rates, sales and brand awareness. One of the most important elements of our strategy is creating a diversified budget to test and optimize what is working most effectively. We report on this regularly.

media buying agencies los angeles

The execution of the digital media buying strategy is the most crucial component. We have experience taking on the responsibility of launching campaigns for a wide variety of companies across every digital channel. During the launch phase, we ensure effective and accurate delivery by planning and scheduling the campaign in advance, allowing time for it to be reviewed and approved by multiple team members.

Outdoor Media Buyers is a boutique media buying agency that gives your campaigns local or national reach. We work closely with myriad partners, across many markets and outdoor media types.Our services include robust media planning services across traditional and digital outdoor media. We combine your out-of-home campaign with layers of digital marketing to improve campaign conversion and throughput.

IRIS.TV is looking for a Director of Sales in New York or Los Angeles. This is an individual contributor role reporting directly to the EVP Ad Platforms and Agencies, where you will be responsible for prospecting and establishing strong relationships within major Holding Companies, independent media buying agencies, and agency trading desks.

Digital advertising agencies can help you create a website, manage your social media accounts, create content for your website or social media channels, run ads on different platforms like Google and Facebook Ads, manage email marketing campaigns and more!

Effective planning and buying requires access to the latest research and analysis tools. As an established and long-running media buying agency, M&C Saatchi Performance works with businesses all over the world to connect brands to their customers.

Media buying is a complex and competitive landscape. The digital age means that consumers have multiple sources of media at their fingertips, and brands want to get in on the action. In this oversaturated market, competition for advertising real estate is fierce.

We handle your media buying strategies from start to finish, using our industry connections and expertise to help each client acquire prime ad placement for the most competitive price. We combine technology and creative planning to activate data-led intention-based campaigns designed to hit your goals and objectives.

We will help you to effectively integrate digital channels into a media buying strategy. Furthermore, we also have extensive experience in the digital privacy space, so we can help you define a long-term strategy to reach your audiences with less dependency on third-party data.

Quaintise successfully created and implemented multiple media-buying campaigns for Bayer, promoting their contraceptive device to the audience of another Quaintise client, Arizona OBGYN Affiliates. As the largest OBGYN practice in the state of Arizona, creative ads and videos were seen by hundreds of thousands of women on AOA's website and active, popular email newsletter.

Explore the top digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles. Creative and b2b digital agencies specialized in branding, web design, UX design, SEO, online marketing, digital advertising, social media marketing, digital media and PR services in Los Angeles.

For example, many of the digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles are experienced with media & entertainment companies. Thus, if your brand is in this sector, you are more likely to receive an efficient service. 041b061a72


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