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Download Mirai, the best Homunculus AI for Ragnarok Online

Homunculus S skills:Revision [16797] does not have any Homunculus S abilities implemented yet, they are there just for awesome looks .My quickfix in "Step 2 / Step 3" allows the AI to use pre-mutation abilities of [ Lif, Filir, Amistr, Vanilmirth ].The Mirai_v1_2_2.rar file has a Readme.txt file that guides you through the whole ordeal of getting it ready to use.For those who wish to check out the steps required before downloading / using it see the guide below.If you have any questions about or problems with the AI, please post them in this thread.Please let me know if it also works for other revisions .------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Step 1: - Preferably delete the folders before placing the files from the zip in the ragnarok folder ( Keep a backup just in case ). - Replace the folders "AI" and "AI_sakray" with the files in the zip.Step 2 (Only when using a Homunculus S): - Go into "Ragnarok/AI/USER_AI" and open the file "Standard_Mod.lua" in notepad ( i use notepad++ ). - Go into "Ragnarok/AI_sakray/USER_AI" and open the file "Standard_Mod.lua" in notepad ( i use notepad++ ).

The Azzy AI application is included in NovaRO's Full Installer. If, for some reason you do not have it in your NovaRO folder, you can download an AI with default settings by clicking here and extracting the file to your NovaRO installation folder, overwriting all.

download ai homunculus ragnarok

For example the homunculus is attacking something X cells away, even if I move TOWARDS the homunculus, usually it will stop attacking and run back over to me... I don't know if that is a regression or if I had something customized on my other PC, but I could move around in a much greater area before the homunculus would drop its target and return.

Did you change any of the movement portions of the AI? One thing I've noticed on a new install ( only real change is lag reduction turned on ) is it is much more sensitive to player movements: For example the homunculus is attacking something X cells away, even if I move TOWARDS the homunculus, usually it will stop attacking and run back over to me... I don't know if that is a regression or if I had something customized on my other PC, but I could move around in a much greater area before the homunculus would drop its target and return.

1. Why can you not install the Microsoft .NET framework? This is an essential library used by a large percentage of software available today. A version of the .NET framework that is compatible with AzzyAI is available for all versions of windows that RO runs on (I'm pretty sure it doesn't need 4.0, but I'm at work and can't check now). Either you are trying to download and install the wrong package, or you have other technical problems with the system that should be remedied.

You corrupted the tactics file. The sanity checking on inputs on the config tool is not rigorous, because it's written in c# which I don't really know.Delete H_Tactics.lua in and replace with the version from the AzzyAI download, or delete contents of USER_AI reinstall completely.

This is most likely caused by using an outdated Homunculus or Mercenary AI. To initially solve your AI problems, you have to delete your existing AI folder from your Talon Tales directory. After that, go to our Downloads page and download the Mini Installer, which comes with the default AI. Extract this in your existing game folder.

AzzyAI is an AI for use with the Homunculus systems. It has a huge selection of options, allowing customization of homunculus behavior to suit almost any forseeable circumstance. Configuration is handled via an easy to use configuration tool.

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Now that we've got a basic understanding of how the MirAI is set up, we can open up the second tab called "Homunculus Skills". In this window we can select from a list of all homunculus skills. If you're an avid user of alchemists, then this will be a very important section for you. When you select a skill from the list it will have options to choose what level of the skill you wish to have casted. This overrides the skill level setting in the Tactics tab.

"Max enemy distance from the alchemist: 14". This is showing us that a monster can be a maximum of 14 cells away from you before you homunculus won't chase it. It is recommended you keep this higher than 9 cells if you're planning on doing a lot of levelling with your homunculus.

"Max time for skills (ms): 2,000". This is telling us that the homunculus will cast skills with no less than 2 seconds in between each skill. If you're wanting your homunculus to cast skills whenever possible, than change this number to 400. That number factors in the shortest sprite delay, cast delay, and highest attack speed a homunculus can obtain without Poem of Bragi. (Yes, it affects homunculi too.)

"Follow the alchemist at once" refers to when you're walking through a dungeon or a field and your homunculus automatically runs off to attack something, but you didn't tell it to. If you're moving then homunculus will run back to you and follow you immediately. This will keep them from straying off whenever they see something targetable.

"Detect out of potion" is a feature that may or may not work at the moment. What this does is prevent the Auto Aid Pitcher (AAP) from using throw potion at your homunculus when you don't have enough potions to throw. Remember, might not work.

"Attack when HPs >" tells the homunculus to keep attacking as long as its health is 13% or above. If it drops even 1% lower, it will not attack any monsters. If it is already in a fight, it will proceed to evade until healed.

Below that is the "Evade when HP" option. This is the homunculus' evasion technique if its health goes lower than the threshold listed. Here we have the health limit before evasion to happen set to 13%.

When selecting your health limit, be sure to factor in that your homunculus will stop fighting and run around evasively until its health is back to, or higher, than the limit amount. A good balance for this when levelling is 10-20%.

Remember! If you're homunculus is fight, for example, a Sleeper and you are being attacked by a Familiar from 10 cells away, your homunculus will run back over to you, thus dragging the Sleeper to your position, just to kill the Familiar. If you homunculus dies from the Sleeper it will then start attacking you. Keeping this option unchecked will help prevent you from getting mobbed in some instances.

The auto detect area spells option isn't always 100% accurate. What it tries to do, though, is make it so your homunculus walk away and/or around AoE spells. If you're in a dungeon with your friends and one of them casts Storm Gust onto your mob, the homunculus will try and avoid the Storm Gust. This can get very confusing sometimes if both players and monsters are casting AoE spells. It is recommended to keep this unchecked, but it can still help you if you plan to keep it active!

Just above that option is "Cart Revolution". If enabled, it will cast Cart Revolution on monsters that your homunculus and you are attacking. You can also set the Minimum SP requirement for these skills to be casted. It's a good idea to always make the minimum amounts the same as the "Resurrect Homunculus" skill is. Just in case your homunculus dies, you'll want the saved SP!

Vanilbirth/Vanilmorph is, in general, the magic caster. It has high sp and high magic attack and a skill that casts random elemental bolt spells making it capable of the highest damage output of the 4 homunculus types. The downside is that it is also the largest of the homunculus types and the softest. It will die the fastest but go out in a blaze of glory. It closest resembles a Bolt Professor.

In order to create a homunculus you must purchase one of each of the items sold by the npc in the alchemist guild in Aldebaron. You must have a potion creation guide and you must have learned pharmacy. Yes you must brew your homunculus.

Keep in mind that the chances of getting any particular homunculus are STILL random. There is a significant possibility that you will STILL even with PERFECT stats, NOT get the homunculus you wish to raise.

You are more likely to gain intimacy if you feed your homunculus when it is at the correct hunger. Feeding it at the wrong time involves a lower chance of increasing intimacy by 1 point. Yes 1 point per feeding max. As such:

Controls for a homunculus are relatively simple. Most of the time, the AI (see section 6) will control the homunculus for you. However, if you wish to use more specific commands or specify which target it will attack the commands are as follows.

Please note that these commands are not 100%! Gravity got lazy and about half the time, the commands DO NOT WORK PROPERLY. It has nothing to do with the server administrators or the lag, or the way the homunculus AI is running, they just do not work that well.

this is perhaps the most difficult part to explain. Do not be afraid of homunculus AI. It is legal under most RO servers. Homunculus AI utilizes bot programming to control the homunculus internally. Leaving you free to control everything else for your character.

Please keep up to date on all homunculus and various AI related rules on your server. I am NOT, repeat, NOT responsible for any discipline gained by this lack of research.

since homunculus are external characters that have their own hp and sp, they, too can die. Instead of leaving the body behind, a homunculus will just vanish on the spot, but no worry! They can be returned to life by the use of the skill ressurect homunculus.

hi Rhino_Mancan you please tell me where to download MirAI for my homunculus becoz my filir can use all other skills except moonlight so can you please tell me the link to download homunculus ai .and by the way im using the new sakray so i think the old ai does not work anymore


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